Breakthrough Any Mental Block That Holds You Back With
 Neuro-Linguistic Programming

"NLP is the most powerful technology for change in existence." Psychology Today Magazine

Umar is a business consultant and coach and it was in this later category that I became interested in working with him. After hearing Umar speak and talking with him one-on-one, I knew that there were opportunities to improve my performance through Neuro-Linguistic Programming. While it's difficult to describe the process, I can tell you that the results were immediate and remarkable. I would highly recommend engaging with Umar as he will help to redefine how you perform.

Adil Desai 
Director of Sales at MOI

​Umar was really great to work with. I was able to make meaningful improvements in my work performance in a very short time. After just a few meetings we were able to turn "tough stuff" into "easy stuff.

John Hauserman