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NLP is the fastest way to change human behavior

You could go to a therapist for a year and one day the therapist says something that changes your life. I am not interested in the year of therapy but am fascinated with what happened when the therapist gave you that magic insight. I call that the change point. NLP gets you there faster than any other modality.


NLP Training

We certify people in NLP and offer a host of other training that are infused with NLP to make you awesomer.

NLP Coaching

We combine breakthroughs, insights, and proven strategies that will accelerate your growth.

Keynote Presentations

Umar our founder has delivered keynote presentations in 14 countries to rave reviews.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

What do our past students think of the course?

Umar helped me unlock my inner ninja! Umar has an incredible ability to help you discover what's truly preventing you from becoming your best self. This workshop is hands-down the best money you can spend on corporate training. You WILL see immediate positive results!

Rachel Krall

Lifestyle Architect

Want to boost performance in your team / company? Stop reading this and simply hire Umar. Umar has a "handbook" to helping the mind perform at its peak. His presentation & content is both impactful & entertaining.

Believe me, you won't regret it & your team will appreciate you.

Arsham Mirshah

CEO Webmechanix

Six Day NLP Certification

This accelerated NLP certification is designed to not only teach you NLP but get you to use it in your personal and professional life. Watch this video to a better understanding of NLP.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Here at The Baltimore Washington Institute of NLP we believe our training will transform your professional and personal life more than you ever thought possible. We're so sure of this that we offer a full money back guarantee. If you are not happy with the training, or you don't feel it is for you, simply email us to get the entire cost of the training refunded.

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