Achieving Sports Excellence With NLP

Improve Your Sports Mindset With NLP

Many people think either you have mental toughness or you don't. Others feel with enough practice and experience, you can develop it. The latest insights from neuroscience show that improving mindset can be done quickly and the changes are permanent. This is a game changer for sports.

The main difference between great athletes and world-class athletes is the mindset. Somehow the world-class athletes have a mindset that allows them to be tenacious, so they never give up. It allows them to have the ability to fail and rebound very quickly. It allows them to bring their very best selves, even when the pressure is intense.

Why aren't more athletes reaching their full potential?

Great athletes have coaches, they have drive, they have passion, they have the desire to make it happen. But until now, we've not really had the technology to allow them to change their mindset quickly, make those changes permanent, and allow them to enhance their sports abilities with ease.

The traditional way of improving mindset is ineffective

What we relied upon was the experience of being an athlete. With coaching to inform their thinking and reactions at pivotal moments in hopes of building a winning mindset. Also an ongoing diet of motivation and positive thinking to keep them on track.

Hi, everyone. My name is Umar Hameed and I'm an expert at changing human behavior. I am an exceptional hypnotist. I use Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Applied Neuroscience to get the latest insights on how to change human behavior. This allows me to help athletes identify what is sitting in their unconscious that stops them from reaching their full athletic potential.

How to engineer a breakthrough in your sports ability

The first step is to identify what inner mechanism is getting in the way of an athlete's peak performance. Athletes know where they are showing up in a less than optimal way. Coaches and athletes are painfully aware of the symptoms getting in the way of peak performance. But don't know the underlying cause that is creating symptoms like the following:

  • Holding themselves back
  • Getting out of a slump
  • Low self-confidence
  • Doubt creeping in
  • Negative self-talk
  • Fear of losing
  • Fear of success
  • Choking in clutch situations
  • Poor self-image
  • Feeling undeserving
  • When an athlete comes in to see me I help them figure out the underlying cause of the negative symptoms they are struggling with. There are three main causes:

    1. Limiting beliefs sabotage your performance. Limiting beliefs come from an experience where there were a lot of emotions. Humans are meaning-making machines. Something negative happened like a cutting comment from a coach and the athlete took that past event to mean, "I'll never be good enough". This creates a belief that sits in their unconscious mind and that gets in the way of them achieving greatness.
    2. Inner conflict interfere with excellence. Inner conflicts happen when an athlete knows with certainty that they are going to be great. But another part of their mind, that is just as strong, thinks that that will never happen because they are too, pick your favorite excuse here. This inner conflict causes a ton of stress and lowers performance resulting in a lackluster performance.
    3. Hot-wired process are unconscious strategies for failure. These negative programs sit in our unconscious that are triggered in certain situations. For example, an athlete who is fearless against an opponent shows up with doubt in their mind when it is a championship situation. Just being in a regional competition triggers an internal process of negative self-talk and not wanting to make a mistake when playing an opponent they usually beat.

    Sports psychology helps but...

    Sports psychology has a proven track record of helping athletes overcome their limitations. It takes time and many athletes improve but never reach their true potential. My methodologies are designed to help athletes quickly breakthrough their limitations so they achieve higher levels of performance. The new and improved athletes become primed to respond more positively to their coaches so their abilities continue to improve at an accelerated rate.

    If you are an athlete and you want to improve your performance set up an introductory call with me so I can help you break through to a higher level of performance.

    If you are a coach and you want your athletes to improve their performance as individuals. And build a stronger team culture where everyone is focused on the team and not their own glory I can help. Setup an introductory call so we can talk about what needs improving.

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