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Remove Mental Blocks and Achieve Sports Excellence

You can achieve sports excellence. The number one thing that stops people from achieving their potential are mental blocks. This article shows you 3 ways to remove mental blocks so you become exceptional.

Client Story - The Big Swinger

Let me tell you about John, one of my clients. John loves playing golf with his friends. He has a big swing.

He was a baseball player at college and he transfered that swing to his golf game. He hits the ball far but not as accurately as he would like.

John worked with his golf coach to shorten his swing for two resons:

  1. So he could hit it more accurately
  2. Johns getting older and he wanted a shorter swing to reduce his chances to get injuried.

The Problem

John's new swing was perfect in practice swings but as soon as he went to do it in a game he reverted back to his old swing. No matter how hard John tried he could not break the habit.

John lives out west so I worked with him using video conferencing. This is the email I got from him.

"Hey Umar:

I finally got to go out and hit some balls yesterday. All of my wedges are solid with the new swing. Need to keep working on my long irons and woods.

I'll keep you posted.



I used tools from NLP and Applied Neuroscience to help John take charge of his mindset.

I want you to know with certainty that there is a better you inside you.

The reason that version of you is not showing up in sports is that something is blocking you. Typically, the mental block could take any one of these three forms:

  • A limiting belief about your cabilities is sabotaging your efforts.
  • An inner conflict, where one part of your psyche knows that you can be great. But another part of your psyche is telling you. Who the hell do you think you are to even attempt this. This internal struggle sabotages your efforts.
  • There is a hardwired process that's stopping you from achieving your desired results. This is what was happening to John.

When he did a practice swing, he allowed himself to do it correctly. The thought of doing a real swing in a game was a trigger that started an internal mental process that sabotage his efforts. All of this was happening at an unconscious level.

Client Story - Enter Beast Mode

Ethan is a lacrosse player who came in to see me. His anxiety about getting hurt while playing was forcing him to hold himself back. His coach was angry because he was playing too timidly.

I did two sessions to help Ethan overcome his anxiety. And the results were extraordinary. The day after this video Ethan sent me this text.

"The other team played a lot of seniors becasue it was a big game. I played great defense and got a ground ball and my coach was really happy"

Ethan went from an average player to a BEAST of the field

If you want to become exceptional in your sport, I can help you break through any mental blocks that get in your way.

How To Overcome Depression With NLP

How To Overcome Depression With NLP

There are people out there that have an amazing family, amazing house, amazing work, amazing life, and when they get depressed, all of the joy in their heart gets drained away, and it changes the way they interact with the world.

So, just some facts about depression: 7% of the population suffers from depression. That includes 1.9M children that have to struggle with this ailment every single day. If you have depression, you are four times more likely to have a heart attack. If you are a woman you are twice as likely to get depression. If you have depression, it changes your life in significant ways.   

Only 50% of people that take antidepressants recover. So, the question is: What is depression? How do we get depressed? And more importantly, how can we break through and recover from depression?

Depression gives you low energy, so you don't really want to do anything. You get the attitude of, "what's the point anyway?" After a while, you realize that nothing is going to change, "I'm stuck in this place."

Are you a faker?

Some people, fake happiness when at a social function or at work hoping that they look normal. but, when they come from that engagement they feel drained. before long, they feel disconnected from life and they're loved ones.

Toxic Feedback Loop

This creates a reinforcing feedback loop. because you have that kind of mentality and low energy you are destined to fail. You start to believe that something is wrong with you and nothing is ever going to change.

Hi everyone, my name is Umar Hameed, and I use applied neuroscience to help people break through depression. What is the underlying core belief that's causing your depression? Because behaviors don't happen unless there's a belief underneath it, and what we need to do is to identify what that belief is. so we go in there, find the belief and change it.   

When we change that belief, it starts changing your life. It opens up the possibility that change is possible for you. And from that, we can empower you with other tools in NLP that allows you to access happiness, to feel the love in your life,  and really get that energy you need to start taking action.

Turn your life around

NLP helps you disconnect from the limiting belief that was causing the depression. Once that happens you start spiraling up. You experience more happiness, love, joy, and you come back to the place where you were before the depression started. Imagine how your world would change if you could feel that love, that connection with your family, with your life, with your profession, and with yourself.

That's why I do what I do. because it gives me immense joy. That's my reason for being. Helping people break through their barriers. so they'll live happier, loving, more productive lives. 

Ready to let go of depression?

Click on the link below and set up a free consultation with me. Let's chat about what's going on for you and how we can help you break through your depression so you get your life back.