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5 Ways to overcome depression

5 Ways To Overcome Depression

5 Ways To Overcome Depression

When you're depressed the world looks darker. The world looks smaller and pretty soon, it feels like you're drowning. Right?

What's the point of struggling if you feel like you are underwater. You're not moving forward in the water, you're treading water and getting exhausted. It can feel like you're drowning a little each day. 

There is an elegant way to breakthrough depression. But first, let’s take a closer look at it.

Who Is Affected by Depression?

17.3 million American adults, or about 7.1% of the U.S. population age 18 and older, in a given year suffer from Major Depressive Disorder. 1.9 million children, 3 – 17, have diagnosed depression. And depression is more prevalent in women.

The Health Impact of Depression

  • Adults are 64% at greater risk of developing coronary artery disease
  • 25% of cancer patients report experiencing depression
  • 10-27% of post-stroke patients experience depression
  • 33% of heart attack survivors experience depression
  • 50% of Parkinson’s disease patients report experiencing depression
  • 33%+ of anorexia patients experience depression
  • 33% of persons with diabetes experience depression

Forms of Depression

  • Major Depression
  • Chronic Depression
  • Atypical Depression
  • Postpartum Depression
  • Bipolar Depression
  • Seasonal Depression
  • Psychotic Depression

There are many ways to overcome depression. Here are some of them:

1. Mindfulness to overcome depression

mindfulness to reduce depression

Mindfulness and meditation can give you control of your thoughts. Your thoughts can drive your depression. Gurus tell us that controlling your thoughts will allow you to reduce or eliminate depression. This kind of mastery over your thoughts can take years.

2. Psychiatric approach to overcoming anxiety

 Psychiatric approach to overcoming anxiety

Psychiatrists prescribe pills to help their patients get control over their depression. Medication can have severe side effects that further impact a patient’s life in a negative way leading to more depression.

3. Therapy to treat depression

Therapy to treat depression

Therapy can be a very effective tool for reducing depression. Many therapist see patients for years helping them control their thoughts and actions. Therapy works but takes way to long for most people. 

4. Self-help books and seminars

In many of the seminars that I have attended I see lost souls. People who suffer from depression and anxiety. They go to these workshops to do better in life. They feel good for a while but the good feeling does not last. Because I see them at the next seminar just as depressed. Just as lost.

5. Using NLP to quickly overcome anxiety

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) has the ability to uncover what is causing your depression. NLP has a powerful tool kit to handle what root cause is driving your depression. And NLP has the techniques to help you break free from your depression.

When you use NLP to treat your depression it allows you to live your happiest best self. NLP is the fastest way to get your life back on track.

Hi everyone. My name is Umar Hameed and I use NLP to help you figure out what's the root cause of your depression. Depression does not happen accidentally. We have to create an unconscious internal process to access the state of depression.

What I love about my work is that I can usually help clients greatly reduce or eliminate their depression within 30 days. So they can start living lives that are full of happiness, love, and laughter.

If this speaks to you set up a 15 min consultation with me so we can plan a strategy to make depression a thing of the past for you. You can work with me in-person in Towson, Maryland or using Zoom from anywhere in the world.

How To Overcome Depression With NLP

How To Overcome Depression With NLP

There are people out there that have an amazing family, amazing house, amazing work, amazing life, and when they get depressed, all of the joy in their heart gets drained away, and it changes the way they interact with the world.

So, just some facts about depression: 7% of the population suffers from depression. That includes 1.9M children that have to struggle with this ailment every single day. If you have depression, you are four times more likely to have a heart attack. If you are a woman you are twice as likely to get depression. If you have depression, it changes your life in significant ways.   

Only 50% of people that take antidepressants recover. So, the question is: What is depression? How do we get depressed? And more importantly, how can we break through and recover from depression?

Depression gives you low energy, so you don't really want to do anything. You get the attitude of, "what's the point anyway?" After a while, you realize that nothing is going to change, "I'm stuck in this place."

Are you a faker?

Some people, fake happiness when at a social function or at work hoping that they look normal. but, when they come from that engagement they feel drained. before long, they feel disconnected from life and they're loved ones.

Toxic Feedback Loop

This creates a reinforcing feedback loop. because you have that kind of mentality and low energy you are destined to fail. You start to believe that something is wrong with you and nothing is ever going to change.

Hi everyone, my name is Umar Hameed, and I use applied neuroscience to help people break through depression. What is the underlying core belief that's causing your depression? Because behaviors don't happen unless there's a belief underneath it, and what we need to do is to identify what that belief is. so we go in there, find the belief and change it.   

When we change that belief, it starts changing your life. It opens up the possibility that change is possible for you. And from that, we can empower you with other tools in NLP that allows you to access happiness, to feel the love in your life,  and really get that energy you need to start taking action.

Turn your life around

NLP helps you disconnect from the limiting belief that was causing the depression. Once that happens you start spiraling up. You experience more happiness, love, joy, and you come back to the place where you were before the depression started. Imagine how your world would change if you could feel that love, that connection with your family, with your life, with your profession, and with yourself.

That's why I do what I do. because it gives me immense joy. That's my reason for being. Helping people break through their barriers. so they'll live happier, loving, more productive lives. 

Ready to let go of depression?

Click on the link below and set up a free consultation with me. Let's chat about what's going on for you and how we can help you break through your depression so you get your life back.