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Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is about modeling excellence – identifying the thinking strategies and emotional states that provide the means by which individuals achieves success in any endeavor. The Baltimore Washington Institute of NLP delivers a highly interactive hands-on training experience where you learn to master the art and science of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) provides a powerful toolkit that allows you to improve human performance in the areas of communication, management, education, sales, therapy, sports performance, and coaching.

NLP is ideal for:
Personal Development: Physical and emotional well-being is greatly enhanced and individuals learn what they want to take charge of their lives. They become able to change limiting beliefs and to better understand and achieve their own potential.

Personal Counseling: Certain problems among individuals such as allergy, phobia, trauma, and unwanted habits such as nail biting, snoring and the like can be relieved by using NLP. Counselors report a great increase in the effectiveness of their results with clients and their interventions are usually brief and successful.

Family Counseling: Problems concerning family members, such as, between husband and wife, parents and children and the like can be resolved by improving the quality of communication between the members of the family. NLP improves the perspectives of individuals and can assist to build up a mutually supportive relationship.

Managers and Entrepreneurs: Use the information to develop strong teamwork and relationships, and to foster positive interpersonal skills. Negotiations and problem solving sessions are enhanced to create solutions orientated, win-win approaches. .

Sales and Marketing: Salespeople learn to build deep levels of rapport and can be helped to communicate more effectively with the customers so that the credibility and the goodwill of the organization are conveyed. As well as this, NLP greatly assists in improving qualification of customers and highly efficient ways of communicating with customers to promote and sell your service or product.

Education: NLP is widely used in improving the educational system. The problems of students/teachers can be improved by applying the NLP concepts. Cases such as Attention Deficiency Disorder (ADD), Learning Deficiency (LD), hyper active children and the like can be relieved by use of NLP techniques. Stage fear, “examination fear” and adverse feelings towards certain subjects can be addressed effectively by use of NLP. And, one of the greatest advances of NLP in the field of education is the ability to assist anyone in increasing their grades by improving their learning “mental software” and implementing states of super-learning.

Sports: Excellence in sports is a state of mind and unless the sportsmen are in a highly resourceful state, they cannot be performing at their best. NLP can be used to improve the state of resourcefulness of sportsmen.

Creativity: People who are in creative fields such as writing, acting and the like can be helped to improve their creative ability through NLP techniques. Since NLP addresses the conscious and subconscious mind, people who have to use their creative talents can be helped to perform at their optimum level.

Organizational Development:People find increased productivity and motivation for themselves and their staff. Negotiation, presentation and influencing skills are enhanced. By improving the process of communication, an organization can reach a wider cross section of employees so that the intention of the communication is understood and not necessarily only the content. The relationship between the management and the union, the management and the employees, the management and the suppliers can be improved using the NLP approach.

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