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August 7

Fear Is The Enemy


Hello everyone, my name is Umar Hameed, and I’m an expert at changing
human behaviors. I developed this company called Mindset Boosters, which is all about giving you the ability to control your mindset, to decide how you feel and act in any situation, but to do that it would radically, dramatically change the quality of your life.

There would be more accomplishment, there would be more fulfillment,
there would be more happiness, but the question is why do human beings
struggle? So I’ll take you on a 90-day journey that is going to give you insights into who you are and more importantly give you the tools you need to become better, stronger faster, so here it goes.

Lesson number one: The enemy is fear. We have fear inside us, but when you look at it in the world right now, is there something to be fearful of and for most of us it’s like well maybe getting hit by a car, but fear doesn’t seem like it’s a part of our daily lives for many of us.

The reality is when we were born from the age of zero, more like one second, to 10 years of age, there were defining moments of who we are
as human beings and we created a set of beliefs there that defined who
we are, and many of those beliefs allowed us to get this amazing lesson in living.

You probably have a house where you live, you have a car, you have all the food you want, and you have a pretty decent life compared to the rest of the world. But many of us are not living the lives that we want because some of those fundamental beliefs that we had, and of those beliefs were negatives and those beliefs looked at the fear side of things.

“I can’t do this, I’m not worthy of that”– how does that manifest in our daily lives? It manifests like this: Often we have this illusion that we show the outside world, “look at me I’m pretty, look at me I’m smart, look at me I’m funny.” Other people show the outside world their illusion, “look at me I’m broken, I’m tragic, I’m unlovable.”

Whatever that is, that’s the illusion that we show the outside world, but we have something worse which is the delusion, who we think we are, often we don’t even know who we are. We have this notion of it, that that is the truth.

You see this a third spot, the authentic self, who we are deep down in here and part of the journey of building the life that we want, building the life that’s going to bring you more happiness, more fulfillment, more joy, more accomplishment is understanding who you are because who you are that sets a foundation to build the life upon.

So if you’re ready for this journey look for lesson number two, I’m going to go deeper into this “ “thing” we call being a human and I’m going to show soon how to master that. Anyway, that’s lesson one: “Fear is the enemy.”

I want the result of fear is this splitting up of illusion, solution, and authentic self. Part of the 90-day journey is getting you to uncover who you are and from that, it’s going to change your life in significant and powerful ways. Thanks so much for tuning in and if you like this video, please share this with other people so other people can break through the barriers.


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